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A Brief Analysis of Neo-Nazism

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DOI: 10.25236/soshu.2020.005


Shuya Yan

Corresponding Author

Shuya Yan


Neo-Nazism is identified as the original sin which perpetuates the marginalization of more and more migrants ‘survival. However, it is a call for awareness of Pluralism as well. By analyzing reports from Russian Human Rights Agency, German Parliament for Human Rights and European Union, this article will mainly study the current social status quo in Russia, the Middle East, Outer Mongolia, especially Europe under the Neo-Nazism of today's world; the ethical dilemma under the analysis of the root causes of contradictions, which arouses people's thinking on human rights issues and weighs the pros and cons of economic globalization.


Neo-Nazism, Ethnicity, Prejudice, Religious, Human Rights, Globalization