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The Study on Work Stress of Prison Guards from Prisons in City A, China

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DOI: 10.25236/soshu.2020.003


Tian Zhang, Fengchun Fan, Lindan Tan, Limei Ou, Ling Yuan

Corresponding Author

Fengchun Fan


As the national penalty executive department, prisons play a pivotal role in punishing and reforming criminals. The prison guards, which are the central part and core strength in prisons, shoulder the sacred mission of educating and reforming the prisoners, ensuring prison safety and maintaining social stability. It is the particular working objects, working environment, and working task that highlight the work-related stress of the prison guards. In this study, the workplace stressors are divided into four aspects—social, organizational, working and individual levels; the stress reaction can be split into physiological reaction, psychic reaction and behavior reaction. This paper has surveyed 105 prison guards from five prisons in City A and conducted descriptive statistical analysis and demographic variable divergence analysis with the help of statistical software SPSS18.0. Based on the aforesaid effort, the paper has ascertained the major stressors and the stress symptoms of these prison guards and found that the difference of individual attribute exerts noticeable impact on their work stress level.


City A, Prison Guards, Work Stress, Stressors, Stress Symptoms