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Evolutionary Game Research on Information Collaboration of River Chief Management Platform from the Perspective of Information Supply Chain

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DOI: 10.25236/edbm.2020.228


Zhongyao Cai, Qianqian Xiao, and Yadong Jiang

Corresponding Author

Zhongyao Cai


Since the river chief system was implemented, remarkable achievements have been made. However, the river chief management platform also has problems such as information distortion, information lag, and collaboration failure. This paper analyzes the existing problems of the platform, and explores the information collaboration of the management platform from the perspective of the evolutionary game of the information supply chain. Combined with the construction mechanism of information supply chain, the key factors affecting its stable evolution and the equilibrium state that can be reached in the end are obtained. It is of great significance to improve the utilization of information, drive business collaboration through information collaboration, improve the scientific level of decision-making, and finally achieve management collaboration.


Evolutionary Game, River Chief System Management Platform, Information Collaboration, Information Supply Chain