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Thoughts on the Classification and Treatment of Rural Garbage under the Strategy of Rural Revitalization: a Case Study of Guli Street, Nanjing

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DOI: 10.25236/edbm.2020.224


Yan Ji, Yingying Shi, Shidan Wang

Corresponding Author

Yan Ji


This article revolves around the strategy of rural rejuvenation, and takes Guli Street, one of the earliest pilots of waste classification in Nanjing as a research object, and introduces that the Zhoucun community in Guli Street includes domestic waste during the waste classification process. “Innovative measures such as fermentation of kitchen waste into organic fertilizer, classification with points, points exchangeable and” turning waste into treasure “have proposed funds and technologies to increase the classification and recovery of rural waste in China. Investment and formation of village-based management and supervision mechanisms, the implementation of effective incentives and punishment methods, the establishment of a rural garbage charging system, and the development of waste sorting collection and education and other countermeasures and suggestions.


Rural revitalization strategy, Garbage classification, Rural