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On the Coordinated Development Path of Urban Agglomerates in Northeast China

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DOI: 10.25236/edbm.2020.219


Hongtao Cao, Qian Zhang

Corresponding Author

Qian Zhang


Based on the concept of coordinated development, this paper explores the overall development strategy of urban agglomeration in Northeast China. Adhere to systematic thinking, overall over all regional development; strengthen the status of central cities, play a radiation-driven role; break administrative barriers to promote the free flow of factors of production; share transport infrastructure, improve the system management system; strengthen ecological environment coordinated protection, build ecological environmental community, for the Northeast urban agglomeration construction injected new impetus and vitality, so that urban agglomeration construction to lead the Northeast comprehensive, all-round revitalization of an important grasp.


Northeast Region, Urban Agglomeration, Synergy