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Rural Tourism E-Commerce Development and Network System Construction

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DOI: 10.25236/edbm.2020.214


Zhanhao Yin

Corresponding Author

Zhanhao Yin


With the continuous progress of science and technology in our country, especially the extensive application of information technology, in the process of the development of rural tourism industry, influenced by the rapid development of e-commerce, the idea of constructing the e-commerce network of rural tourism emerged as the times require, and the organic combination of rural tourism and e-commerce network is not only an important construction measure to be taken in the construction and development of rural economy in our country, but also an inevitable link in the development of the times. This paper makes an in-depth analysis and research on the development of rural tourism e-commerce and the construction of network system, and puts forward scientific and reasonable suggestions to play an active role in the further development of rural tourism industry and the construction of new socialist countryside in China.


Rural Tourism, E-Commerce, Network System