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Research on Inclusive Finance and Economic Development from the Perspective of “Internet +” Industry——Empirical Test of Panel Data Based Threshold Regression Model

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DOI: 10.25236/edbm.2020.211


Guo Qianqian

Corresponding Author

Guo Qianqian


By establishing Inclusive Financial Development & Evaluation System to calculate the inclusive development indexes for various regions nationwide, this paper achieved more than 3,800 related data, such as "Internet+" indexes and economic development indicators for 31 domestic regions from 2012 to 2018. With the background of a series of research supports of Panel Hybrid Model and Hansen Threshold Regression Model based on Internet Era. Empirical research suggests that Internet-industry development and inclusive financial level in our country have positive correlation. But from the respective of regional development, there have many regional imbalances between Internet industry and inclusive finance development level. Actually, inclusive financial level has double threshold effect on actual regional-economy development, especially when inclusive finance index surpasses the threshold of 0. 053, such influence on regional economy has been significantly enhanced. In addition, the opening-up level and government fiscal expenditure have significant positive impacts on regional inclusive financial development level & regional economy. However, the contribution such government fiscal expenditure made upon inclusive financial development level and regional economy is less than that the opening-up level brought on inclusive financial development level and regional economy.


“Internet +”, Inclusive Finance, Regional Economy, Threshold Regression Mode, Panel Model