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The Restricting Factors and Realization Path of the Economic Development of Ethnic Minority Sports Tourism in China

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DOI: 10.25236/edbm.2020.207


Cao Chong, Xue Jinxia, Liu Dejun

Corresponding Author

Liu Dejun


Ethnic minorities are an important part of our country, and respecting the development of ethnic minorities plays a very important role in the deep promotion of politics, economy and culture in our country. At present, people pay more and more attention to sports, and the development of sports has certain achievements. The wide distribution of ethnic minorities, the variety of ethnic minorities' sports, the rich variety of sports of ethnic minorities, the development of the economy of sports tourism of ethnic minorities, the attraction of more tourists through sports of ethnic minorities, and the improvement of local economic development will be of great help to the improvement of people's production and life in minority areas, but it can not be denied that there are still some more difficult problems in the economic development of minority sports tourism in our country at this stage, which seriously restrict the overall economic development of minority regions. Therefore, this paper will start from the significance of developing the minority sports tourism economy, further analyze the existing constraints, and take this as the basis to put forward a better solution, hoping to put forward some valuable reference suggestions for the economic builders of minority areas.


Ethnic Minorities, Sports Tourism, Restrictive Factors, Realization Path