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Research on Interactive Design of Office Meeting Products Based on user Experience

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DOI: 10.25236/edbm.2020.201


Tang Lan

Corresponding Author

Tang Lan


In the era of experience economy, various industries set the user's experience as off. Compared with the products for ordinary consumers, the product experience of the enterprise office department is plagued by the problem of scale. On the other hand, risk control economy and innovation and entrepreneurship create a huge market space for experienced office products. On the other hand, Internet companies began to challenge the traditional office products. Improving the user externality of office products is an important direction of product interaction design. User externality is based on user requirements, while interaction design is based on user requirements, and user behavior is the design object. Interaction design based on user externality must be designed according to user's requirements and user's behavior logic. In this draft, as the starting point of user research, the scheme, user and action characteristics of office meeting are analyzed.


User Experience, Office Meeting Products, Interactive Design