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Analysis on Risk Characteristics and Countermeasures of Human Resources in Pharmaceutical Enterprises in the New Period

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DOI: 10.25236/edbm.2020.194


Dunzhen Sun, Hongyang Shi, Huimin Ma

Corresponding Author

Hongyang Shi


With the development of science and technology, enterprises pay more attention to the influence of human resources on enterprises. Pharmaceutical industry as a high-tech industry, in the process of development is highly dependent on technical personnel. Especially in the new situation, the competition between pharmaceutical enterprises is becoming more and more fierce, and the mobility of talents is enhanced, so we should pay more attention to the internal human resources management, guard against the risk of human resources, improve the efficiency of enterprise management, and optimize the utilization rate of internal resources. Based on this, the article will carry on the comprehensive analysis from the human resources risk analysis improvement, the risk cause, the management present situation and the identification risk four aspects, aims to promote our country medicine enterprise benign development.


Human Resources, Pharmaceutical Enterprises, Newly Made, Risk Analysis