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Research on Human Resource Management Model Based on New Business Sharing Economy

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DOI: 10.25236/edbm.2020.192


Dunzhen Sun, Hongyang Shi, Huimin Ma

Corresponding Author

Hongyang Shi


Information technology has promoted the reform of business development and produced a new business model of shared economy, which has become the new normal in the industry. Based on the new business sharing economy development mode, the enterprise human resources management environment has also appeared the new change, the talent mobility is strong, has increased the enterprise human resources management difficulty. Facing the current situation of human resources management in new enterprises, enterprises should recognize and master the theoretical knowledge of shared economy, understand the needs of human resources management under the new business situation, optimize and change the human resources management mode of enterprises from many aspects, and make full use of enterprise human resources to promote the development of enterprises. Therefore, the article will carry on the thorough research to the new business form sharing economy enterprise human resources management pattern.


Human Resources, New Business Form, Shared Economy, Management Model