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Discussion on Financial Management Path in the Context of Internet +

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DOI: 10.25236/edbm.2020.175


Senqin He

Corresponding Author

Senqin He


Financial management has an important influence on the business planning of enterprises. By innovating the financial management of enterprises, perfecting the system of financial management of enterprises can not only promote the steady development of enterprise operation, but also help enterprises to improve their own economic competitiveness and influence. Based on the background of Internet office, enterprises should conform to the trend of the times in the path of financial management, actively use the Internet + to improve and innovate financial management, improve the internal management of enterprises, give play to the role of Internet +, and realize the intelligence, science and optimization of enterprise financial management in an all-round way. Here, only from the point of view of the Internet + and everyone under the current enterprise should conform to the trend of the times, using the Internet + for enterprise financial management related innovation and improvement.


Internet + Background, Financial Management, Innovation Strategy Analysis