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Discussion on the Risk Analysis and Prevention of the EPC Model of University Infrastructure Project

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DOI: 10.25236/edbm.2020.173


Fangyan Yu, Na Xiong, Liang Chen

Corresponding Author

Fangyan Yu


EPC is the general contract of the project, that is, the company receives the entrustment of the owner, and carries out the design, purchase and trial operation of the construction project according to the requirements of the contract. At present, there are more and more contractors using the EPC mode in the domestic engineering contracting market. This mode is a unique management mode, and the ultimate goal is to deliver the products and services to the owners. On this basis, the project is conceived, arranged, operated and so on, which is a kind of contract system which is connected with each other. EPC model can be applied in university infrastructure projects, but this model has certain application risks and needs to take corresponding preventive measures.


University Infrastructure Project, EPC Model, Risk