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An Analysis on the Current Situation and Development of Financial Management in Tourism Enterprises

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DOI: 10.25236/edbm.2020.172


Long Jin

Corresponding Author

Long Jin


With the continuous development of our economy, people's demands on living standards are gradually rising, paying attention to the consumption in the spiritual level, tourism is one of the important components. With the deepening of China's opening to the outside world, China's traditional culture also attracts a large number of foreign tourists, and the tourism industry is flourishing, which also brings some challenges to the financial management of tourism enterprises. Our country's tourism resources are extremely rich, many provinces and cities take the tourism industry as the economic pillar, under this premise, the tourism enterprise's property management work appears to be particularly important, this article probes into the tourism enterprise's work present situation and the development in the financial management aspect.


Tourism Enterprise, Financial Management, Current Situation, Development Research