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Research on Innovation and Development of Digital Culture Industry in New Era

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DOI: 10.25236/edbm.2020.170


Puhong Qin

Corresponding Author

Puhong Qin


In the past ten years, with the rapid development of the Internet, some changes have taken place in the digital culture industry. China is now in the world's leading position in the field of network. Nevertheless, China's digital culture industry still has the problem of unreasonable industrial structure, insufficient funds and talents. In the face of such problems, we should focus on the development of cultural industry focus areas, such as network culture, digital cultural equipment and digital art display, and continue to guide the development of industry. Gather and attract high-quality talents, and cultivate the digital culture industry as a new driving force for the development of the cultural industry in the new era.


Digitization, Innovation Mechanism, Government Support