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Development Trend and Strategy of Agricultural Modernization in Western Region Under the Concept of Green Development

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DOI: 10.25236/edbm.2020.168


Xin Ma

Corresponding Author

Xin Ma


In the process of the continuous development of society, the economic construction and social process are developing at an unprecedented speed, and the goal of realizing a well-off society in our country is constantly strengthened. On this basis, we should ensure that our country's "dual system difference" in the process of urban and rural construction, and do a good job of rural construction, especially the economic development and industrial cultivation in poor areas. To get rid of poverty, we should focus on economic development, ensure that rural areas can vigorously develop their own production and processing level, give farmers more perfect economic benefits, change the living environment and quality of life in rural areas, and ensure that people's material and spiritual life can be developed for a long time.


Rural Poor Areas, Economic Development, Industrial Development