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A Study on the Innovation and Entrepreneurship System and Its Implementation Path in Guangdong Province under the Background of Rural Revitalization

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DOI: 10.25236/edbm.2020.167


Hanxue Yan

Corresponding Author

Hanxue Yan


In the traditional innovation and entrepreneurship system, the cultivation of innovative talents is mainly carried out, but the traditional talent training mode and innovation mode are relatively single, and there is a significant disconnect between learning and use, which leads to the lag of innovation and entrepreneurship service. Under the background of rural revitalization, the system of innovation and entrepreneurship also needs to be innovated and perfected according to the needs of the times and the background of the times, and to make effective use of government support. Guangdong should continue to play the leading role of economic development, and should be able to innovate the new mode and new path of rural entrepreneurial economic development.


Rural Revitalization, Guangdong, Full Chain Type, Innovation and Entrepreneurship