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Regional Economy and Influencing Factors of Graduates' Employment Flow

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DOI: 10.25236/edbm.2020.161


Juanjuan Cheng

Corresponding Author

Juanjuan Cheng


The development of regional economy has an important influence on the employment flow of college graduates. First of all, the growth level of regional economy has a profound impact on the number of demand for college graduates. Second, regional policies only have a profound impact on the employment choice, wage level and development planning of college graduates. With the continuous development of our society and economy, the education system of colleges and universities has also changed. Therefore, college students have a diversified view of employment. In addition, there are different ways to know about employment in Colleges and universities. Therefore, college graduates have very obvious differences in the regional direction of employment flow. The current situation is that there is a surplus of talents in the economically developed areas represented by beishangguangshen, while there is a lack of talents in the western areas, especially in the remote areas and areas with relatively backward economic level. This phenomenon makes the imbalance gap of regional development in our country more and more large [1], which brings a test to the overall development of national social economy, regional economic development, brain drain and the employment of college graduates. This paper analyzes the influence factors of regional economy and the employment flow of college graduates for reference.


Regional Economy, College Graduates, Employment Flow, Influence