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Research on the Operation and Development of E-Commerce Rural Poverty Alleviation Model

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DOI: 10.25236/edbm.2020.150


Canjun Feng, Tiangao Zhu

Corresponding Author

Canjun Feng


With the continuous development of society, information technology has been promoted rapidly, and the information age is coming. Nowadays, with the development of Internet in the new era, China's e-commerce is developing rapidly, and its operation mode is becoming more and more mature. In recent years, the popularity of e-commerce has gradually shifted from large and medium-sized cities to small and medium-sized cities and rural areas. With the advantages of Internet and logistics network, e-commerce has made great progress in scale operation, and developed new ideas for rural poverty alleviation. As we all know, rural agricultural and sideline products are relatively rich, but there is no sales channel, and it is difficult to reap greater economic benefits from self-produced and self-sale, which leads to low economic income of farmers and poverty in rural areas. The emergence of e-commerce has brought an opportunity for rural poverty alleviation, which has provided a new model for rural poverty alleviation. The application of e-commerce in rural poverty alleviation can greatly change the current situation of rural economic development and lead rural areas to get rid of poverty and become rich. So how to effectively build e-commerce poverty alleviation model in rural areas has become one of the important contents of poverty alleviation. This paper makes a simple analysis of the operation and development of e-commerce poverty alleviation model in rural areas, hoping to help rural areas get rid of poverty and become rich..


E-commerce, Rural Areas, Poverty Alleviation