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Research on the Innovative Development Mode of Online Travel Service Industry Under the "Internet +" Environment

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DOI: 10.25236/edbm.2020.146


Yuting Yi

Corresponding Author

Yuting Yi


The new generation of information technology has boosted the generation of "Internet +", and the tourism industry has accelerated the "touch net" and has been developing in line with the Internet. This paper first describes the characteristics of the "Internet +" innovation mode from five aspects: innovation driven, technological innovation, cross boundary integration, extensive application and structural reshaping, and then analyzes the basic principles of the innovation and development of the tourism service industry under the "Internet + tourism" mode of integration and development, from strengthening the Internet infrastructure, the interactive tourism terminals and the Internet of things in tourism areas. Construction of facilities, promotion of online online tourism, smart tourism, intelligent operation of tourism public service system, online marketing mode and other aspects give specific actions to develop tourism under the "Internet +" environment, from building a relaxed development environment, enhancing the "Internet + tourism" innovative service capabilities, guiding the "Internet + tourism" policy innovation, and promoting tourism service enterprises. The development of overseas markets and other aspects of the "Internet + tourism" integration and development of safeguards. On this basis, the internal development mechanism of the tourism service industry under the "Internet +" environment is put forward from the micro level of business philosophy, transaction mode, scientific development strategy, staff team, enterprise management system, enterprise internal monitoring and enterprise culture, so as to provide a theoretical reference for the development of the tourism service industry..


"Internet +", Tourism Service Industry, Innovation and Development, Strategy