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Research on the Brand Promotion Path of Micro Enterprises in the Era of Media Integration -- Taking the Intellectual Property Rights of Biao Dust as an Example

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DOI: 10.25236/edbm.2020.139


Wenping Wang, Congcong Zhuang

Corresponding Author

Wenping Wang


In the case of multimedia fusion, consumers, as users of the Internet, enhance the subjectivity and automaticity of information acceptance and transmission. In the promotion of enterprise brand, consumers can give full play to the role of "gaze" and supervise and manage the brand image of the enterprise. The brand promotion of micro enterprises based on media fusion must be able to realize the brand content from the perspective of consumers and the emotional resonance of consumers so far. Especially in the background of the Internet, the corporate image must be able to be based on social morality, select some non-sensitive hot topics to promote the enterprise brand. Although the traditional media has many restrictions, but under the media fusion, needs to play the new and old media linkage role, can enhance the enterprise brand promotion effect..


Media Fusion, Micro Enterprise, Brand Promotion, Biao Dust