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A Study on the Promoting Effect of the Capital Construction of Enterprise Dynamic Management on the Employee's Sense of belonging

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DOI: 10.25236/edbm.2020.133


Song Wei

Corresponding Author

Song Wei


With the transformation and development of China's economic market, there is bound to be a great risk in the process of expanding the scale and upgrading of enterprises: on the one hand, it comes from the external market risk, on the other hand, it comes from the risk of enterprise employee mobility. And the reason why the enterprise will have a large-scale personnel process, in the final analysis, is that the enterprise in the dynamic management, did not do a good job in the psychological capital construction of employees, resulting in employees did not have a strong sense of belonging and feelings to the enterprise, and even appear disappointed in the enterprise, so choose to leave. Based on the perspective of enterprise dynamic management, this paper discusses the effect of staff psychological capital construction on enhancing their sense of belonging.


Enterprise Dynamic Management, Psychological Capital Construction, Employee Sense of Belonging, Promoting Role