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Research on the Institutional Mechanism of Ecological Economy and Green Economy Development

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DOI: 10.25236/edbm.2020.124


Li Zhuoya

Corresponding Author

Li Zhuoya


With the development of society, the growth of economic level and the progress of science and technology, the economic construction and market environment of our country gradually realize the leapfrog growth. However, behind the rapid development of economy, there is a large consumption of environmental resources and natural energy and the increasing pollution of ecological environment. Nowadays, the environmental protection of green ecological environment has become the focus of attention. Under this background, the ecological environment management and the new green industry have been widely concerned by the state and society. The implementation of ecological economy and green economy model can effectively alleviate the pollution and control pressure of natural resources and environment, and play a great role in promoting the construction of ecological civilization and ecological city. This article first expounds the concept and characteristics of ecological economy and green economy, and focuses on studying and discussing the institutional mechanism of ecological economy and green economy development, in order to provide some help for the future development of the country.


Eco-Economy, Green Economy, Healthy and Sustainable Development, Institutional Mechanism Research