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Study on the Development Trend of China's Agricultural Economy under the Belt and Road Background

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DOI: 10.25236/edbm.2020.122


Ye Huiling

Corresponding Author

Ye Huiling


"Belt and Road "is an effective scheme to deal with economic integration, and strengthens the trade exchanges between our country and the neighboring countries, which can alleviate the negative impact of the market economy, provide development opportunities for each country, and strengthen the information exchange of each country. It cannot only promote regional economy and trade, but also carry out cultural exchanges. Therefore, this paper will introduce the development of agricultural economy under the background of "Belt and Road ", introduce the background of" Belt and Road ", analyze the concept of "Belt and Road ", expound the current situation of rural economy development under the background of" Belt and Road ", and put forward some suggestions according to the social development to stimulate the vitality of agricultural economy, promote the rapid development of agricultural economy and shorten the gap between rich and poor.


"Belt and Road ", Agricultural Economy, Development, Research