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An Analysis on the Path Optimization of the School-Enterprise Sports People under the Context of the Community of Interests

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DOI: 10.25236/edbm.2020.121


Liang Pengju

Corresponding Author

Liang Pengju


With the further development of the new curriculum reform in the field of education in our country, the cooperation between colleges and universities in our country has been updated and improved, the cooperation between colleges and enterprises is mainly based on the common interests, the common interests are the fundamental driving force of the joint cooperation between colleges and enterprises. The implementation of the school-enterprise double-main sports person education model is based on the teaching organization, adopts the teaching evaluation diversification, the teaching method action and so on comprehensive strategy. The following will focus on the interests of the community under the background of the school-enterprise two-main sportsmen policy.


Interest Community, School Enterprise Double Main Body, Education Path, Policy Strategy