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The Strategy Analysis of "Belt and Road" Core Cities on Trade Technical Barriers

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DOI: 10.25236/edbm.2020.120


Ding Xingzheng

Corresponding Author

Ding Xingzheng


Since the implementation of the "Belt and Road" policy, the trade cooperation between China and the countries along the route has been further developed. However, technical barriers to trade have become an important factor hindering and restricting the development of economic and trade cooperation. Therefore, the "Belt and Road" core cities should strengthen scientific and technological innovation, adjust the industrial layout structure, so as to enhance the comprehensive competitiveness and break the restrictions of trade technical barriers, so as to further promote the development of trade cooperation in China and make the social and economic development of our country more stable. Therefore, this paper mainly uses the strategy of "Belt and Road" core cities to deal with the technical barriers to trade, and carries out the following analysis in order to improve the competitive advantage of "Belt and Road" core cities.


Belt and Road, Core Cities, Technical Barriers to Trade