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Constraints and Solutions to the Implementation of Relocation Policy from the Perspective of Equity-Investigation and Research Based on Q County

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DOI: 10.25236/edbm.2020.101


Xiaoli Zhang, Kun Yang

Corresponding Author

Xiaoli Zhang


relocation is an important strategy for helping the poor in China, which aims to solve the dilemma that “one side of soil and water cannot support one side of people”. According to the investigation of poverty alleviation relocation in Q County, the main poverty-stricken factors are: poor location conditions, weak basic facilities, frequent natural disasters and disability. In order to get rid of the poverty caused by natural factors, it is necessary to move to other places to help the poor. Although Q county has made some achievements in the relocation of poverty alleviation, from the perspective of fairness, there are some drawbacks in the implementation of the policy. How to ensure fairness has become an important factor that restricting the performance of the policy. Only by considering the fairness of origin, process and result, can we show fairness and justice in ensuring people's livelihood and eliminating poverty.


Fair, Relocation, Targeted poverty alleviation