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Rural e-Commerce Business Model and the Evolution Analysis

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DOI: 10.25236/edbm.2020.096


Li Zhao

Corresponding Author

Li Zhao


In this work, the author first sorted out the main characteristics of rural e-commerce and implemented a classification for rural e-commerce based on the types and standards of differentiation, and then adopted the use of appropriate survey methods and scientific analysis methods to summarize the shortcomings and deficiencies of different types of e-commerce models. Finally, based on the differentiating characteristics of rural e-commerce in different models, a personalized upgrade plan and solutions are proposed combined with the current development of e-commerce. The strategy aims to improve the competitiveness of rural e-commerce and remove development obstacles in the market environment. At the same time, the adoption and practice of the symbiosis concept has integrated the internal production of rural e-commerce, and reformed the basis for the division of rural e-commerce. Finally, the author put forward corresponding suggestions and countermeasures for the problems generated in the development of rural e-commerce.


Analysis, Evolution, Business models, E-commerce, Rural areas