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Research on Intelligent Risk Characteristics and Management of Commercial Banks

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DOI: 10.25236/edbm.2020.095


Suchao Sun

Corresponding Author

Suchao Sun


An important feature of modern financial risk management is that as an integral part of the internal management of financial institutions, its position in the entire management system has risen to the height of the development strategy of financial institutions. The actual cases of commercial banks show that improving the system management capability is itself to reduce unnecessary risks, and that fine risk control is the major development direction of foreign exchange risk control, and the system processing capability is the premise. In the centralized management of credit risks, this paper starts with the introduction of risks and characteristics of commercial banks, the classification of intelligent risks of commercial banks and what is the risk management of commercial banks, analyzes the main problems existing in the intelligent risk management of commercial banks in China, and then focuses on how to further improve and deepen the concept of risk management of commercial banks in China. For commercial banks, standardized modern risk management is more important for their survival and development.


Commercial banks, Managing risks, Countermeasure research