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Research on Agricultural Industrialization Development and Government Public Service Countermeasures in New Urbanization Process

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DOI: 10.25236/edbm.2020.094


Yue Qu

Corresponding Author

Yue Qu


The development of agricultural industrialization and the rise of modern agriculture have laid a solid foundation for the development of rural urbanization. Public service is related to everyone's right to subsistence and development and is a basic right that citizens should enjoy. Since the reform and opening up, China's new urbanization has entered a brand-new development period. More often, people tend to define public services in non-political and non-economic service fields. These public services cannot or cannot be effectively provided by enterprises or individuals through the market mechanism. They can only be provided by the government or mainly by the government. The continuous promotion of new urbanization brings opportunities for the development of public services, but also puts forward higher requirements for public services. Starting from the significance of the development strategy of agricultural industrialization, this paper discusses the importance and necessity of building a service-oriented government in the process of urbanization, discusses how to promote the development of agricultural industrialization under the premise of a service-oriented government, and puts forward the government's public service countermeasures.


Agricultural industrialization, New urbanization, The government, Public services