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On the Cultural Integration in University Enterprise Cooperation

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DOI: 10.25236/edbm.2020.093


Qiang Liu

Corresponding Author

Qiang Liu


Based on the analysis and definition of the connotation of university enterprise cooperation promotion mechanism, from the four aspects of policy, system, culture and the improvement of university enterprise cooperation operation mechanism itself, this paper puts forward four major components of University Enterprise Cooperation Promotion Mechanism in higher vocational colleges. The enterprising of campus culture has carried out the idea and idea of school enterprise cooperation, which is an effective way for the construction of campus culture in Colleges and universities. Starting from the connotation of campus culture and enterprise culture, this paper seeks the theoretical basis for the integration of the two, focusing on the effective research on the way of the integration of campus culture and enterprise culture in higher vocational colleges. So as to enhance the stamina of educational development. This paper puts forward corresponding countermeasures and suggestions for the integration of school-enterprise culture and enhancement of the development potential of higher vocational education.


Institutions of higher learning, School-enterprise cooperation, Cultural fusion