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The Realistic Dilemma and Safeguard Mechanism of Double Subjects in School-Enterprise Cooperation in Colleges and Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/edbm.2020.092


Qide Lin

Corresponding Author

Qide Lin


School-enterprise cooperation “double-subject” is a new strategic choice for higher education in our country and a measure to ensure the quality and characteristics of applied higher education. “Double-subject” school running has the attribute of cross-border governance, rich connotation and extension, and specific value and goal, structure and function. Despite years of theoretical research and practical construction, the “double-subject” mode of higher education school-enterprise cooperation still faces difficulties such as lack of policies and legal incentives for enterprises to participate in the “double-subject” mode of education, imperfect mechanism system of the “double-subject” mode of education in higher education, and lack of execution. It is necessary to construct a guarantee mechanism from the aspects of perfecting the legal regulation mechanism, establishing the interest-driven mechanism, information sharing mechanism and perfecting the supervision and evaluation mechanism, so as to realize the effective promotion of the “double-subject” school-enterprise cooperation.


Institutions of higher learning, School-enterprise cooperation, Two main bodies, Difficulties, Safeguard mechanism