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A Study on the Transformation of Japan's Economic Growth Mode and the Sustainability of Economic Growth in East Asian Countries

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DOI: 10.25236/edbm.2020.088


Luyang Zhang

Corresponding Author

Luyang Zhang


The rapid development of industrialization and sustained high-speed growth of the major economies in East Asia have made East Asia an international region that occupies an important position in the world economy. Japan relies mainly on the interaction between the legal system and the supporting policy system to jointly promote the economic innovation and transformation. Countries in East Asia should take advantage of the opportunities offered by economic globalization and at the same time deal with the challenges brought about by economic globalization to strengthen tourism cooperation and environmental cooperation among countries. Japan cannot be avoided when talking about the development of East Asia. East Asia's economic growth can be explained by the increase of factor input. TFP has no contribution. Therefore, he infers that there is no component of technological progress in East Asia's economic growth. As the first developed country in East Asia, Japan has an important impact on other East Asian economies. This paper analyzes the sustainability of economic growth in East Asian countries, and on the basis of learning from the experience and lessons of East Asian model, analyzes the transformation of Japan's economic growth mode.


East asia, Economic growth, Japan, Transformation