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On the Function of Pmo Engineering Construction Project Management Business

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DOI: 10.25236/edbm.2020.087


Zhou Zihan

Corresponding Author

Zhou Zihan


In the engineering construction project management, due to a large number of businesses, there are many problems between the participants including serious unequal information, which leads to a greater risk in business management. PMO, the project management office, is mainly responsible for putting forward a complete set of enterprise operation plans, plays various functions such as operation support, supervision, and guidance. PMO is a special organization in the organizational framework of an enterprise, which can effectively prevent the risks in various project management in engineering construction. Therefore, in the process of engineering construction, we should pay attention to let PMO play its functions, clarify the main requirements of the function of PMO, improve the efficiency of project management business, and ensure the scientific operation of enterprises.


Engineering construction, Project management business, Pmo function