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Research on Optimization and Innovation Strategies of Supply Chain from the Perspective of Cross-Border Electronic Commerce

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DOI: 10.25236/edbm.2020.083


Anmei Zhang

Corresponding Author

Anmei Zhang


In recent years, the cross-border electronic commerce(CBEC) in China has undergoing rapid development, and the CBEC industry is growing its scale. The supply chain system of CBEC involves a wide range of enterprises, with high degree of informatization and fast operation efficiency, but it also faces a lot of uncertainties. This paper first analyzes the obstacles that affect the growth of CBEC in China, then puts forward some optimization and innovation strategies of CBEC supply chain, in order to help enterprises in this field to optimize supply chain system, and constantly accelerate the growth of CBEC industry in China.


Cross-border e-commerce(cbec), Supply chain, Optimization, Innovation