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Exploration and Practice of Bilingual Course Teaching in Independent Colleges under the Background of International Cooperative Education

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DOI: 10.25236/edbm.2020.082


Jing Xu

Corresponding Author

Jing Xu


This report reveals the problems of bilingual teaching at the current stage from aspects of the goals and orientation in colleges and universities, and the main factors affecting the quality of bilingual teaching in colleges, aiming at establishing a more scientific quality evaluation system and curriculum assessment to achieve the goals of improving the educational level and cultivating professionals with an international perspective. The focus of the bilingual teaching reform is to overcome language fetters through effective measures to improve bilingual quality and knowledge integrity. Besides, bilingual teaching will become an inevitable trend in the future, and student-oriented, scientific planning of bilingual teaching activities should be carried out under the new situation.


Bilingual teaching, Independent colleges, International cooperative education