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Study on the Standardization of Public Service System in Red Tourism Destination

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DOI: 10.25236/edbm.2020.075


Ping Zhao

Corresponding Author

Ping Zhao


This paper studies the significance, connotation and important links of the standardization construction of public service system in red tourism destination under the current situation of younger consumption trend of red tourism market, the substantial growth of individual tourism market and the personalized demand of tourism. The paper puts forward the path to implement the standardization of the public service system of red tourism destination, that is, to determine the objectives of coordination and matching, to shift the focus from government leading to enterprise autonomy, supporting the construction of multi-party participation evaluation system. The public service system standardization in red tourism destination should center on the red cultural service as the core, and guided by the improvement of the comprehensive service level. The goal of the public service quality, the standardization of the public service methods and the procedure of public service process would been achieved through the formulation and implementation of the public service standards, as well as the application of the principles and methods of standardization.


Public service system, Standardization, Red tourism destination