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The Internal Relations and Strategic Docking of China's Free Trade Zone Services and the Belt and Road Initiative

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DOI: 10.25236/edbm.2020.070


Li Lihui

Corresponding Author

Li Lihui


With the continuous development of China's economy, the China Free Trade Zone and the “Belt and Road” strategy have spawned, and they play the same role. They are also strategies for economic development in the new era. China's free trade zone has a very important relationship with the “Belt and Road”. The China Free Trade Zone is the foundation and foundation for the development of the “Belt and Road”. The development of China is moving forward as a whole. The goal between these two is to expand and open the market as much as possible, and to increase the convenience of trade and the freedom of investment. The core elements include the region and the system, the ability to carry out cooperation and exchanges between different regions, economic union, and the introduction of the system. The policies and strategies that promote the two can be implemented and developed. In the future, China needs to be able to set up a corresponding coordination structure, adjust and improve the fault tolerance mechanism, and finally increase the level of dividend sharing in the free trade zone to deepen its financial cooperation and provide a more reliable funding chain. This article studies the internal relationship and strategic connection between the two to further improve the relevant theoretical system of the “Belt and Road” and the service of the China Free Trade Zone.


China's free trade zone services, “belt and road”, Internal relations