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Evaluation of Driving Force for Farmland Landscape Heterogeneous Formation in Northern Foothills of Qinling Mountains under the Background of Urban Expansion

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DOI: 10.25236/edbm.2020.063


Shidong Liu, Binrui Xue

Corresponding Author

Binrui Xue


The research on the driving force of urban landscape pattern evolution has been an international research hotspot. This paper selects 5 administrative districts which are located to the north of Qinling mountains in Xi'an as the research object. Through the social economic data from 2013 to 2018 and the regional land use survey, analyzing the farmland landscape as the biggest changing area in the urban landscape use pattern. Using principal component analysis method to study the process of urbanization driving force and find the main influence factors of the farmland landscape change. The results show that urban social economic development and population growth are the main driving forces of farmland landscape change in the northern foothills of Qinling mountains in Xi 'an. It indicates that the northern foothills of Qinling mountains in Xi'an is still in the stage of rapid development of urbanization, which has a high demand for landuse at the urban-rural junction, mainly converting agricultural land into industrial and residential land.


Farmland landscape heterogeneous formation, Driving force evaluation, Urban expansion, Qinling mountains