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The Analysis of Centrality for Stakeholders of Historical and Cultural Blocks -Taking Chengdu as an Example

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DOI: 10.25236/edbm.2020.062


Tao Liao, Yuqiong Wang, Xuemei Zhang

Corresponding Author

Tao Liao


Deal with historical and cultural blocks construction demands of different stakeholders, which is to make the historical and cultural district of tangible and intangible cultural heritage basis effective protection and sustainable development, to implement the spirit of “ Eighteen Third Plenary Session, it is an integral part to Construction “ new urbanization “. This paper attempts to Chengdu as a specific object of study, Use of social network analysis methods, Draw Network Diagram of stakeholders, Analysis centrality, Calculate centrality of node centrality and relative for the five stakeholders, and concluded that: the tourist is a core subject In the historic district and cultural interests of stakeholders, To achieve protection in the protection of historical and cultural blocks on the basis of sustainable development, we must first consider the interests of stakeholders demands of tourists.


Social network, Historical and cultural blocks, Stakeholders, Centrality