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Research on Perception Reality of Sports Tourists--a Case Study of Chinese Ski Tourists

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DOI: 10.25236/edbm.2020.056


Zhijian Bai, Yang Zhang

Corresponding Author

Yang Zhang


Ski tourism is a highly experiential tourism product. It has the characteristics of participation, excitement, fun, entertainment, and challenge. It has become the most fashionable winter tourism option today. As different tourists have different experiences and experiences on ski tourism, if you want to make tourists happy and unforgettable experience, make tourists happy and return, and increase the rate of revisit, ski tourism companies have to write about the factors that affect the tourist experience, so it is necessary to study and improve the quality of experience for ski tourists from the perspective of tourism experience, so as to participate in the market cake division in the fierce market competition. This article first establishes a ski travel experience impact structure model, questionnaire survey, and then uses statistical research methods to study the main factors and personality factors. Finally, suggestions are made to improve the quality of ski tourists' experience.


Travel experience, Ski travel, Influencing factors, Satisfaction