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Interactive Research on Technological Innovation and Marketing Mode Innovation Based on Differentiated Management

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DOI: 10.25236/edbm.2020.040


Kui Yang

Corresponding Author

Kui Yang


With the continuous development of the economy, most enterprises in our country have abandoned the previous traditional mode, combining innovative marketing methods and concepts with the characteristics of their own enterprises, and actively facing market competition. Technological innovation should aim at marketing and reflect market orientation. Only market-oriented technological innovation can bring new vitality to enterprises, enhance their competitive strength and bring rich profit returns to enterprises. Differentiated management is in essence a delicate differentiated management based on multiple thinking, which is a “reaction” to the “uniform” undifferentiated approach. Based on differentiated management, this paper will mainly study from the two dimensions of enterprise technology innovation and marketing innovation and their interaction, trying to explore the two and their important role in promoting enterprise development.


Differential management, Technological innovation, Marketing model, Innovation