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Research on Marketing Decisions Model of Enterprise Rapid Response Based on Supply Chain

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DOI: 10.25236/edbm.2020.037


Kui Yang

Corresponding Author

Kui Yang


In a market economy, the market is open, and many factors such as policies, laws, culture, morality, and economic operation laws affect the operation of enterprises. At present, the effective development of marketing has a great effect on the sales of enterprise products and greatly improves the economic benefits of enterprises. Taking effective measures to improve the marketing decisions ability of enterprises to adapt to the requirements of real development has become the top priority of enterprise management. Market share is the basis of making enterprise's market competition and marketing strategy. In a certain period of competitive market and market demand, enterprise's market share largely depends on enterprise's marketing mix decision. Based on the perspective of supply chain, this paper studies the decision-making model of rapid response marketing, which provides scientific basis for decision-makers and industry leaders.


Market economy, Marketing, Quick response, Decision-making