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Research on China Regional Economic Development and Labor Mobility

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DOI: 10.25236/edbm.2020.026


Yangxue Wu

Corresponding Author

Yangxue Wu


China's strict household registration system and land system restrict the free movement of labor, and labor resources have not been used reasonably for a long time, leaving a large number of labor in China in a state of hidden unemployment. At the same time, the planned economic system restricts the development of China's urbanization and industrialization, which means that the process of marketization is also the process of urbanization and industrialization. The process of marketization requires China to relax administrative intervention in the market economy, but rather to use market mechanisms to regulate economic development. The movement of labor across regions is the role of market mechanisms to regulate the relocation of labor resources, which in turn has an impact on urbanization and industrialization in various regions.


Labor mobility, Regional economic development, Relationship and management skills