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Application Analysis of Intelligent Contract Based on Block Chain Technology in Labor Relation

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DOI: 10.25236/edbm.2020.022


Feng Tong, Wang Qianhao, Liu Zhenxin, Wang Pengju, Yu Hongda

Corresponding Author

Feng Tong


As a new information technology to change the future, block chain technology has been widely used in many fields since its introduction. Block chain intelligent contract has the advantages of high efficiency and real-time update, accurate execution, decentralization, etc. However, the loopholes in the process of intelligent contract execution have brought great troubles to users and investors. Computers can replace manpower, machinery and equipment to conduct more complex digital asset transactions one day. Some day in the future, these automated procedures may replace some experts or institutions dealing with specific financial transactions. With its inherent properties, blockchain smart contract technology provides efficient and reliable technical support for multiple business partners, cross-border business development assistance and business collaborative development. The combination of smart contract and blockchain improves the automatic execution ability of the contract. This paper mainly analyzes the application characteristics and methods of intelligent contract based on blockchain technology in labor relations.


Block chain, Smart contracts, Labour relations