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Research on the Path of Wushu Tourism Industry Structure Optimization and Transformation and Upgrade in Henan Province

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DOI: 10.25236/edbm.2020.018


Huizhen Wan

Corresponding Author

Huizhen Wan


The development and utilization of martial art tourism resources are related to the development and expansion of the tourism industry in Henan Province on the one hand, and also to the spread and influence of martial art events in Henan Province on the other. Based on this, on the basis of elaborating the advantages of the current development of the martial arts tourism market in Henan Province, and pointing out the constituent factors of the tourist source, it points out the shortcomings of the current development in order to provide a reference for further development of martial arts cultural tourism resources.


Path, Wushu tourism industry structure optimization, Transformation and upgrade, Henan province