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Study on the Development of Characteristic Sports Tourism Industry in Henan Province from the Perspective of Swort Analysis

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DOI: 10.25236/edbm.2020.017


Fangcheng Luo, Huizhen Wan

Corresponding Author

Fangcheng Luo


The rapid development of socio-political economy has affected the changes in people's lifestyles and living standards, as well as changes in life and consumption concepts. Sports tourism, featuring health and leisure, has just catered to people's needs, and has become a new type after eco-tourism. Tourism model of Chaoyang. In view of this, this paper uses the method of SWOT analysis to study the development of Henan's characteristic sports tourism industry. It is believed that Henan has historical culture, tourism resources, and location advantages; it has uneven development of sports tourism areas, immature development of the tourism market, Disadvantages such as lack of professional talents; opportunities for changes in people's lifestyles, changes in tourism development trends, and the role of the Olympic Games; competition in the sports tourism industry in neighboring provinces; similarity in sports tourism products in the province; and low-carbon tourism. And on this basis, in-depth research on Henan's unique sports tourism and industrial development measures, that is, the construction of a diversified development model; rational use of resources, overall layout planning, highlighting local characteristics; perfecting the service system, integrating infrastructure; increasing Publicity efforts to build a brand industry chain.


Henan province, Featured sports tourism, Industrial development