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Analysis of Consumers' Irrational Behavior in Internet Marketing Environment Introduction

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DOI: 10.25236/edbm.2020.014


Lai Wang, Dong Xiao

Corresponding Author

Lai Wang


Rational consumption and irrational consumption are often concentrated in the same consumer behavior, because in real life, people cannot make comprehensive consumption choices and irrational consumption behavior is inevitable. More and more people are inclined to the Internet consumption pattern, but the irrational behavior of consumers in the shopping process weakens the benefits brought by Internet consumption. Because only by grasping the internal psychological factors of consumers, mastering their purchase decision-making process and analyzing the external factors that affect consumers' behaviors, can we fully understand consumers and their behaviors. Understanding and mastering the generation mechanism of consumers' irrational consumption decision-making can not only reasonably explain some individual consumption behaviors, but also provide guidance for enterprises to make marketing strategies. This paper uses the theory and method of behavioral economics to explore the motivation of consumers' irrational consumption behavior in the Internet marketing environment. At the same time, it puts forward the corresponding marketing strategies for the irrational consumer behavior.


Irrational consumption, Internet, Marketing strategy, Consumer behavior