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On the Ideas and Principles of Innovation System Construction in the Modern Agricultural Science and Technology and Angelica Sinensis Extension in Gansu Province

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DOI: 10.25236/edbm.2020.008


Xiaojun Liu, Yapu Wang

Corresponding Author

Yapu Wang


Modern agricultural science and technology has played an important role in directly promoting the development of agriculture. However, at present, the construction of agricultural science and technology innovation system in Gansu Province is still facing many challenges, such as the agricultural technology promotion of Angelica sinensis is still restricted by the present agricultural system. Therefore, in view of the modern agricultural science and technology, the construction of innovation system should be attached great importance. Promoting the development of agricultural science and technology in Gansu Province not only needs a logic thinking, but also some principles.


Modern agricultural science and technology, Innovation system, System construction, Construction idea, Construction principle