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Teaching Research on Expanding Training Curriculum in College Physical Education in China

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2020.238


You Zhou

Corresponding Author

You Zhou


With the continuous improvement of China's economic level and the continuous development of society, more attention has been paid to education. As a result, the physical health of university students has gradually received attention from students and has become the focus of major universities. While carrying out cultural education, it is also indispensable for physical training. Through physical development training, students' physical fitness can be mentioned to exercise. Therefore, the university began to attach importance to the physical training of students. However, at present, many universities are subject to too many constraints during physical training and encounter too many difficulties, hindering the development of university physical education. Therefore, if we want to solve related problems, develop college sports, and improve students' physical fitness, we must analyze the current form and propose solutions based on actual conditions, so that college sports can truly develop.


College physical education: expanding training, Course teaching